Multithreading at It’s Finest

Advanced Asynchronous Load Balancing

Hi! We hope that you had very happy Easter holidays! Today, we can finally shed some light on what we were working on in the past few weeks.

We did some serious refinement to make good features great! You may have noticed nasty micro-lags here and there when using the Asynchronous functionality of the AIMThreading component. Consider them gone because we polished the multithreading support to a new level and integrated advanced mechanisms for asynchronous load balancing! If there is too much work to do, the system keeps track of this to match your desired AI update rate. That is achieved by preparing agents in a delayed manner over multiple frames before there are handed over to the asynchronous threads. Furthermore, you will be very happy to hear about the new syntax highlighting in our documentation and a handful of neat improvements in the user interface of Polarith AI.

Good news, you can now find us in the Unity Forums where you can ask questions of any kind. We would love to hear from you!

Our Apologies for the Path Patch

Polarith Patch Apology

We want to share a dramatic issue with you. As you may have noticed using Polarith AI version 1.1, you are unable to build your project while our plugin is in place. Last Friday, we have committed a hotfix version 1.1.1 to the Unity Asset Store which should be online by now. Although it allows you to build your projects again, it removes the gizmo functionality, which is, in fact, also a disastrous solution to the problem and not acceptable at all.


New Year’s Patch

New Year Bugs

First things first: We wish you a very happy new year! Today we present you our latest Polarith AI patch v1.0.1 including a handful of smaller improvements. Also, we are happy to tell you that we have managed to fix some serious bugs. The implementation of our path structure will require some more time than we initially thought (as our quality standards are very high), but you can tell that we are keen to show you soon! Furthermore, we have overhauled the library (in view of the upcoming features) and prepared the improvement of the UI as well, so you can enjoy our product even more!