Polarith AI
VelocityGizmo Class Reference


A gizmo that displays a velocity by visualizing both a direction vector and predicted position relative to a given point.

This class is serializable so that it is suitable for the direct use in MonoBehaviour instances supporting Unity's inspector.

Public Fields

bool Enabled = false
 Determines whether this gizmo is enabled. More...
Color Color = Color.Lerp(Color.cyan, Color.magenta, 0.5f)
 The color of the drawn visualizations. More...
float DirectionScale = 1.0f
 The scale of the direction indication. More...
float PointSize = 0.2f
 Scales the sphere indicating the predicted position, which is independent from the DirectionScale. More...

Public Methods

void Draw (Vector3 point, Vector3 direction, float velocityMagnitude, float predictionMagnitude)
 If Enabled is true, this method displays the velocity gizmo using the given Color, DirectionScale and PointSize. More...