Polarith AI
Component Reference

This is the component reference of Polarith AI. Although, in some cases, it might be redundant to the API reference, it is written to describe the different components in a manner which is more design-oriented.

Front-End versus Back-End

For most of the components, especially for the (context steering) behaviours, we decided to separate the logic from the pure component code. The logic under the hood is what we call back-end, as against the code which is responsible for creating an Unity-friendly interface we call front-end. Although at first sight, this software design seems to unnecessarily complicate things, it brings many benefits to the system. For example, it enables us to do multithreading.


The AIM (AI for Movement) component modules contain our steering AI, whereas the AIM package modules cover some useful scripts, like advanced controllers, of our Unity Asset Store package. Note that other modules are planned for future releases, e.g., for pathfinding, state handling or general decision making. Only for the package scripts, you can view the source code freely within their corresponding packages.

  • AIM ... AI for Movement: Plugin components
  • AIM Package ... AI for Movement: Package scripts