Advanced Asynchronous Load Balancing

Hi! We hope that you had very happy Easter holidays! Today, we can finally shed some light on what we were working on in the past few weeks.

We did some serious refinement to make good features great! You may have noticed nasty micro-lags here and there when using the Asynchronous functionality of the AIMThreading component. Consider them gone because we polished the multithreading support to a new level and integrated advanced mechanisms for asynchronous load balancing! If there is too much work to do, the system keeps track of this to match your desired AI update rate. That is achieved by preparing agents in a delayed manner over multiple frames before there are handed over to the asynchronous threads. Furthermore, you will be very happy to hear about the new syntax highlighting in our documentation and a handful of neat improvements in the user interface of Polarith AI.

Good news, you can now find us in the Unity Forums where you can ask questions of any kind. We would love to hear from you!

As usual, here are the release notes of the new patch v1.2.5:


  • AIMContext: The Spacing in the indicator settings is now constraint to a minimum of 1


  • AIMContext: Improved UI look and feel
  • AIMPlanarShaper: Improved UI look and feel
  • AIMThreading: Advanced asynchronous load balancing
    Threading Delay
  • AIMFollow, AIMArrive, AIMOrbit, AIMAlign: Added tags for assigning game objects
  • Documentation: Added syntax highlighting support for code snippets
    Syntax Highlighting
  • Examples: Added scene for demonstrating the functionality of AIMLodGroup


  • AIMContext: Fixed a bug in the wizard where the default perceiver was not correctly detected
  • AIMContext: The Custom Scale in the indicator visualization of the result direction is now considered correctly
  • AIMSeekNavMesh: Minor UI improvements
  • Documentation: Minor corrections (links etc.)

What’s Next?

Future patches will be exciting! We are currently all in programming the polished path(finding). Simultaneously, we began to work on mesh-based (spherical) 3D sensors. Combining context steering with these two great features will make our AI plugin the ultimate tool for any kind of character movement regardless the game genre and scenario.