Polarith Patch Apology

We want to share a dramatic issue with you. As you may have noticed using Polarith AI version 1.1, you are unable to build your project while our plugin is in place. Last Friday, we have committed a hotfix version 1.1.1 to the Unity Asset Store which should be online by now. Although it allows you to build your projects again, it removes the gizmo functionality, which is, in fact, also a disastrous solution to the problem and not acceptable at all.

A Temporary Solution

Today, we discussed a lot how to solve the current situation as soon and sufficient as possible and we came up with the following decisions. For now, we will remove the path structure with the next patch version 1.1.2 since it causes all these problems, and it seems that we manage to commit this new hotfix to the Asset Store even today. Then, we will take our time to polish and to re-publish the path again in the next month. Please note that this does not affect our efforts for improving the overall user interface and experience, so the work on that patch can proceed as planned.

Missing Gizmo



We have been vastly distracted by the new Unity major version 5.5 which changed a lot concerning its AI (and namespaces) and neglected our quality assurance. We are eagerly working on resolving this issue as we speak and hope to have this fixed as soon as we can. We are utterly sorry for the inconvenience we may have caused and look forward to presenting you a worthy product of a quality beyond what has been expected.

Update Feb 17, 2017

The patch including our temporary solution is online since Feb 17, 2017. So you can build your projects and the gizmos are back again. Therefore, as mentioned above, we removed the path until we polished it to be more stable.