UI Patch

Hey, everyone! Today, you will be very happy to hear about our latest addition to the Polarith AI universe. The new user interface (UI) is finally here! It will not only save you some precious space but lots of time as well. Let us dive right into it!

Using the new UI the first time, you will quickly notice that it takes up way less vertical inspector space. The great thing though is that it is so much more efficient. We have optimized the most common choices and phrases and now provide you with a neat new set of helpful buttons to switch between menus and to access important parameters faster! In addition, we concentrated on making the workflow of Polarith AI less error-prone. So we added a lot of infoboxes and parameter checks to make your daily work much more comfortable. In the following example, new UI elements are colorized green. Note that we introduced the new UI not only for AIMContext but for all our components.

New UI

Another great thing: We have taken the first step towards complete sensorial 3D support. With this patch, we released a new Avoid behaviour which works for 2D as well as for 3D sensors (in the future). More and more generalized planar behaviours will follow during the next patches until we release a brand-new kind of sensor. Stay tuned!

Avoid Plane

Avoid Preview

Here are the complete release notes for version 1.2:


  • AIMStabilization: The last decision is used as reference direction instead of the last direction the agent faced


  • Brand-new and extensible inspector interface which boosts up the general workflow
  • Components now support correct help URLs which reference to the online documentation
  • General usability improvements making the general workflow less error-prone (parameter checks, info boxes etc.)
  • Added level-of-detail component AIMLodGroup supporting automatic sensor switching for different distances
  • Added new avoidance component AIMAvoid which is an improvement and generalization of the planar version (it supports full 3D sensors in the future)


  • The objective normalization has no discontinuities anymore
  • Vector projection of OBBs was not working correctly for certain cases, but now it does
  • The bounds of a percept are now correctly extracted (before, they were in wrong space for certain cases)
  • AIMArrive: Gizmos in 3D were not visualized correctly, but now they are
  • AIMSimpleController: Fixed an error which could occur by setting an ObjectiveAsSpeed