Shiny Packages

Oh hey, didn’t see you there! We haven’t talked in quite some time, and there’s a ton of new stuff we should catch up on. First, a happy new year to everyone! We hope you had the merriest of holidays and a great new year’s eve. Second, we’ve been very busy: There is this neat patch we were working on, which includes shiny new packages for both Free and Pro users. Keen? Let’s go!




Here’s the changelog for v1.6:


  • Complete rework of the Polarith AI packages for both Pro and Free
  • New overall look of the examples using fresh public domain assets, models, sprites, textures, etc.
  • Packages now include proper Polarith image material to comply with the license


  • [Pro] Added a 3D scene that illustrates different methods for improving the performance of scenes with many agents
  • Added laboratory scenes demonstrating the effects of components for both 2D and 3D scenarios
  • Added a 3D scene that shows a sophisticated example of vehicles moving in a roundabout using a state machine
  • Added a 3D scene where cars behave properly on a priority crossroad
  • Added a 3D scene where a character collects items in a forest
  • Added a 2D scene that demonstrates a boid using attraction, repulsion and alignment
  • Added a 2D scene with an example multiplayer space game
  • Added an example RootMotionController including source code
  • Added an example VehicleController including source code
  • Added several example scripts which are necessary for the new scenes
  • AIMContext: Added a public AddObjective method
  • AIMSeekNavMesh: Improved the whole concept of the behaviour, it now uses a more precise raycast method
  • Editor: Added default objects to the hierarchy within Unity’s context menu


  • AIMContext: Fixed a bug with the indicator gizmo that occurred when changing the sensor
  • AIMSteeringPerceiver: Fixed an issue that occurred when using both layers and game object lists, whereby the layer object percepts were overwritten
  • AIMSeekNavMesh: Fixed a problem where the behaviour did not work when the SelfObject in AIMContext was null
  • Documentation: Added a missing UnityUtils namespace documentation
  • Documentation: Corrected a wrong description of the AIMContext.DecidedDirection


What’s Next?

The next update will contain our long-awaited 3D feature: Imagine a spherical sensor that perceives objects in every possible or specified direction. With that, you can move entities like aircrafts, spaceships and hot-air balloons in three-dimensional space! But there’s more: With a brand new sensor, it was necessary to create a handful of new behaviours as well. Now, the lion’s share of the work is done, we just need a little more time to tweak some niceties. So hang on just a little more and, we promise, you don’t want to miss out the next patch.