Free vs. Pro

Hello, everyone! After very long 20 days of pending review in the Unity Asset Store, we’re proud to present you our Free version of Polarith AI. If you find it useful, consider buying the Pro version to support the development of new features. Of course, we would appreciate a nice rating in the store, too. Thank you so much for your support!

As you might have noticed, we already adapted our Unity forum thread and product site to match up with the different versions. The Polarith AI for Movement plugin automatically became the Pro version so that owners of the “old” plugin will get every upcoming feature as well. Moreover, the version numbers of both the Free and Pro plugin will be kept in synchronization. This way, both versions will benefit from bug fixes and common feature enhancements whenever a new patch is going to be released.

The current plugin versions are 1.3 and here are the corresponding release notes:


  • Polarith AI is now Polarith AI Pro, furthermore, we now provide a Free version in the store as well
  • Adapted the documentation for the new Free and Pro versions
  • Added source code of our controller components
  • [Pro] Every Pro component now have a Pro label icon


  • [Pro] AIMSeekNavMesh, AIMFleeNavMesh: Improved editors, they now show a proper bitfield for AreaMask instead of just an integer


  • Fixed a bug in our custom editor system which made proper multi-object editing impossible
  • Fixed a bug in character controller editors which caused the value of ObjectiveAsSpeed to be reset at runtime
  • AIMPhysicsController2D: Removed the unnecessary dependency to Rigidbody2D so that it can be decoupled properly from the actual physics object

What’s Next?

We have already started to prepare the release of the next patch. So custom path structures, inbuilt patrol behaviours and complete pathfinding integration will arrive during the next weeks. Stay tuned!