Polarith AI
AIMContextEvaluation Class Reference


Abstract base class for implementing a custom AIMContext update loop like its done by AIMPerformance (Pro only).

It is used as an interface between the Free and Pro version of Polarith AI in order to determine the number of concrete AIMContextEvaluation instances.

Usually, there can only be one concrete instance of AIMContextEvaluation in a scene. If such an instance is present, AIMContext.Update returns before evaluating any context instances and updating the AI. This means that you have to implement a custom update routine including calls to AIMContext.Evaluate. For that, it is possible to get all AIMContext instances via AIMContext.NonThreadedComponents and AIMContext.ThreadedComponents.

Inheritance diagram for AIMContextEvaluation:

Protected Static Fields

static int instancesCount = 0
 Memorizes the current number of AIMContextEvaluation instances. More...


static int InstancesCount [get]
 The number of AIMContextEvaluation instances which are currently present within the scene (read only). More...