Polarith AI
AIMSteeringBehaviour Class Reference


AIMSteeringBehaviour provides the base functionality for writing and mapping objective values (front-end component).

Derived AIMPerceptBehaviour<T> front-end base component of every derived Move.SteeringBehaviour, whereby SteeringPercept is used as percept type.

Inheritance diagram for AIMSteeringBehaviour:
AIMPerceptBehaviour< SteeringPercept > AIMAlign AIMFollow AIMFollowPath AIMFormation AIMOrbit AIMRadiusSteeringBehaviour AIMWander AIMFollowWaypoints AIMFormationArrow AIMFormationBox AIMFormationCircle AIMFormationCross AIMFormationLine AIMFormationV AIMAdjust AIMArrive AIMAvoid AIMAvoidBounds AIMEvade AIMFlee AIMFleeBounds AIMFleeNavMesh AIMPlanarAvoid AIMPlanarAvoidBounds AIMPlanarFleeBounds AIMPlanarSeekBounds AIMPursue AIMSeek AIMSeekBounds AIMSeekNavMesh

Public Fields

List< string > FilteredEnvironments
 All environments to obtain the percepts for. More...
List< GameObject > GameObjects
 Allows to specify custom objects which should be processed by this behaviour. More...

Protected Fields

VelocityGizmo velocityGizmo = new VelocityGizmo()
 Sets up the visualization of the velocity (editor only). More...


abstract SteeringBehaviour SteeringBehaviour [get]
 Polymorphic reference to the underlying back-end class (read only). More...
override PerceptBehaviour< SteeringPerceptPerceptBehaviour [get]
 Polymorphic reference to the underlying back-end class (read only). More...
override MoveBehaviour Behaviour [get]
 Polymorphic reference to the underlying back-end class (read only). More...

Public Methods

override void PrepareEvaluation ()
 Checks if the SteeringBehaviour.TargetObjective is valid to use, and prints appropriate debug warnings if it is not. More...

Protected Methods

override void OnValidate ()
 This function is called when the script is loaded or a value is changed in the inspector (editor only). More...
virtual void OnDrawGizmos ()
 Draws gizmos for the velocity information of the underlying back-end Move.SteeringBehaviour within the scene view (editor only). More...
override void OnEnable ()
 This method is called when the object becomes enabled and active. More...