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Welcome to Polarith

We offer professional services for developing software requiring the highest quality standards.
Our team combines advanced software engineering with interactive systems and applied artificial intelligence.

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Individual Software Project

Our Services for You

Your vision, our mission.

Software Engineering

It is crucial to choose the tool which is most appropriate for a task, so we offer a diverse technology pool for getting a job done in time with the highest quality.


  • Software architecture
  • Agile software development
  • Continuous integration
  • Test automation
  • C#, C/C++, Python, Java
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Unity, Unreal, CryEngine
  • Desktop, mobile, embedded

Artificial Intelligence

Unleash your full potential today using the technology of tomorrow. Through years of research and experience, we are able to provide you unique services.


  • Machine learning
  • Evolutionary algorithms
  • Advanced decision-making
  • Multi-criteria optimization
  • Finite/fuzzy/utility logic
  • Massive multi-agent systems
  • Autonomous movement
  • Pathfinding

Interactive Systems

Our whole team has been working in the field of interactive software for years. We are passionate about all kinds of systems where human interaction is substantial.


  • Simulation
  • Visualization
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer games
  • Computer vision
  • User interface design
  • Virtual reality
  • Virtual commissioning

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Development and maintenance of software
products in the field of crane automation