Fast and Easy to Use

Polarith AI offers all you need for achieving state-of-the-art movement AI with just a few clicks. Design complex movement behaviours and create immersive games or astonishing simulations by taking advantage of the sophisticated workflow.

Great Movement AI Solution


I have worked with several movement AI solutions so far, especially with steering algorithms, but this plugin and the applied approach is superior to anything I’ve seen before.


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Best Steering AI Solution


This asset is very powerful. The combination of several behaviors can allow for great AI creation. It doesn’t require any coding but if you are a coder, you can make even more amazing AI.


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Top Quality AI Movement System


The workflow is simple, intuitive and works in 2D/3D setups. Professionally made asset with very detailed docs and demos. Developer responds quickly to any queries. Highly recommended!


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Create, Prototype and Succeed

Our Unity plugin allows you to combine behaviours as easy as blending layers like in image manipulation tools. Every shipped AI behaviour can be parametrized easily to achieve completely different effects without even touching the code at all. Besides that, the system allows you to easily script your own behaviours with just a few lines of code.

Context Matters

The Context Matters

The major difference of our technology compared to classic steering approaches is that decision-making is based on the contextual information of an agent’s environment instead of simply weighting or prioritizing steering behaviours.

Much More Natural Decisions

You will massively reduce your implementation effort by using Polarith AI. Instead of concentrating on getting your character to move at all, you can focus on the design of concrete behaviours for creating an interesting movement that makes your project immersive.

Superior Context Steering
Sensor Scalability

Scaling Based on Your Needs

With levels of detail, you can create characters acting very accurate or hundreds of individuals getting by with less precision depending on their relative position.

Observes the World as Desired

Control precisely how your AI observes the environment. Therefore, you can use circle shapes as well as line shapes which work astonishingly great for spline-based racing simulations. Of course, you can use our advanced editors to build your own custom sensors as well.

Context Sensors

Ready for Multithreading

The system lets you distribute the AI workload equally over as many threads as you want. With its advanced environment/perception pipeline, Polarith AI offers you unmatched control over how your AI performs.

Extensive API

AI tends to be very individual and there might be situations you need to write your own behaviours. The API of Polarith AI is designed keeping that in mind. With help of the documentation, you will easily be able to extend the system to your needs.


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