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Our Unity plugin enables agents to make natural and credible movement decisions in virtual 2D and 3D environments. This way, it is possible to avoid dangers and collisions, find and reach objects, and orientate towards predefined or automatically computed paths. Based on the context steering algorithm, the system works highly performant and scalable. Parameterizable and combinable behaviors provide superior quality in moving virtual agents, for example, simulating a vehicle or an aircraft. On top of that, additional technical components offering multithreading with integrated load balancing that lead to increased performance. These components allow for the successful application of many agents while improving the overall computing time.


The opinion of our users is very dear to us. User feedback helps us to constantly evolve, to eliminate flaws, and to develop new features. The Unity Asset Store learned to love our plugin as one of the best systems for realizing movement AI.


Professionally made asset, very detailed documents & demos. Developer responds quickly to any queries. Highly recommended!


I have worked with several movement AI solutions so far, especially with steering algorithms, but this plugin and the applied approach is superior to anything I’ve seen before.


Best Steering System!!!


The functionality, flexibility, and documentation makes this software a Gem. Thank you for all your hard work Polarith. I am impressed.


Probably the most sophisticated movement/steering asset I’ve seen. Thank you for the developer for creating this asset.


I rarely came that fast to such good results, this was really a boost for my productivity!


With our unique features, we create yet unimagined possibilities to realize various scenarios. Our product’s Pro version gives the user complete control over every parameter and component to achieve even the most complex movement pattern.


Our virtual sensors form the basis for our AI behaviors’ natural movement by acquiring the data with which our Unity components make decisions. The receptors of a sensor are arbitrarily scalable and highly configurable regarding sensitivity and orientation, whereby the receptors of a spherical 3D sensor follow a spherical topology. Note that this type of sensor is currently unique worldwide. The visualization of both sensor types is customizable in shape and color and even visible in the final application, which is particularly essential once Unity projects are too comprehensive to be performant enough to be tested in the Unity Editor.


With a plethora of Unity components, it is possible to realize many scenarios. Our AI enables entities to search, follow, and orbit objects and even to flee from them. Characters and agents can avoid possible threats and dangers autonomously. Furthermore, the user can set them up to pursue single waypoints and paths. In our system, any movement parameters are individually configurable. This way, we provide our users the complete control over the most complex movements and behaviors. Thanks to the intuitive operation and our detailed documentation, impressively significant results can and will be achieved in the shortest amount of time – without the need for extensive programming.

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