Gantry Cranes

Cranium on your quay wall

Increase the safety and efficiency of your port with our crane automation modules. The Cranium system was specially developed for reliable use in container ports and is already in active use today.

Brief overview

Cranium has a highly modular structure. Please choose from our modules at any time to achieve your optimum performance. Our system is characterized by the automatic approach of the lashing platform and a constantly pendulum-damped stop during crane operation. In addition to a slip-compensating measuring system for the crane position, we offer your crane operators automatic hatch cover detection and a corresponding confirmation for your port-wide TOS.

We have even developed a certified concept for a PLD fail-safe emergency stop for your straddle carriers, which is already being used successfully (Wilhelmshaven, DE).

The perfect modules for your crane:

Your newest skills

  • Individual automation of your crane control system to achieve the most efficient loading movement.
  • Automatic detection (e.g. by laser) of containers and hatch covers (Hatch Cover Detection).
  • Connection to Terminal Operating System (TOS) for optimized processes throughout the container port.
  • Reliable container detection and positioning using modern sensors and camera systems.
  • Automatic route finding and path tracking for safe access to the destinations you have defined.
  • Fail-safe collision avoidance of cranes in the port area for essential accident prevention.

Your Contacts

Martin Kirst
Chief Executive Officer

Richard Herrmann
Authorized Officer

Uwe Ochs
Sales Account Manager

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