The camera is connected to the controller via network cable and supplied with power via Power over Ethernet (PoE). For the spatial and geometric data of the load to be measured, a passive reference marker must be mounted to the load handling attachment in a visible position as a counterpart to the camera. The camera is aligned along the hoist axis, looking down from the trolley to the load handling attachment.

  • Real-time measurement of the load relative to the crane or trolley
  • Maximum distance to the fiducial marker of up to 60 m
  • Position of crane and trolley with an accuracy of up to 3 mm
  • Position relative to hoist with an accuracy of up to 30 mm
  • Rotation around hoist axis with an accuracy of 0.1°.
  • Closed-loop anti-sway (pendulum damping)
  • Higher precision and safety of the base functions due to measurement
  • Autonomous load stabilization in case of external disturbances
  • Autonomous load tracking with crane and trolley
  • Skew correction of the load at the push of a button

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