Overhead Cranes

Cranium in your building

Increase the safety and efficiency of your hall with our crane automation modules. Our modular system actively supports you in moving heavy loads with the help of individual and reliable automation of your cranes.

Brief overview

Cranium has a highly modular structure. Choose from our modules at any time to achieve your optimum performance. The area module ensures crane movements on fixed routes with obstacles or areas that can only be accessed slowly. With the navigation module, you can drive to storage locations quickly and safely at any time. Our camera module prevents your loads from being pulled at an angle and ensures safety for people and materials.

With the lane control module, the need to overhaul the crane runway and rollers is a thing of the past. Thanks to our Follow Me function, your crane even follows the load, which is guided by hand by the operator.

The perfect modules for your crane:

Your newest skills

  • Automation for optimum movement to lift and move heavy loads such as components.
  • Safe diagonal pull prevention through the use of pendulum damping with the aid of our camera system.
  • Effective minimization of wear and tear with the help of our proven track control using inductive sensors.
  • Automatic route finding and reliable path tracking for safe access to defined destinations.
  • Automatic access or exclusion of areas with reduced speed or defined height.

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Martin Kirst
Chief Executive Officer

Richard Herrmann
Authorized Officer

Uwe Ochs
Sales Account Manager

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