The Modules of Our System

Cranium has a highly modular structure. This structure allows us to tailor the right solution for you. Our control technology is based on the latest sophisticated mathematical models. This page gives you a brief overview of these various functions. The capabilities and application areas are presented in detail on the subpages of the individual modules.


The basic module is our Cranium control software, which forms the core of our automation technology. This essential product runs on our compact industrial PC (controller) for easy integration into your control system.


With the aid of inductive sensors or laser position measuring systems, Cranium can also be used as a control system for more straightforward synchronization. This function can be used individually and in conjunction with other automatic functions.


In combination with a reference marker, our camera records the spatial position and location of the load. The hardware can also be supplied with power via Power over Ethernet (PoE) using a network connection to the controller.


Our 2D laser profile scanner is the ideal alternative to the camera for outdoor applications and is used in its primary function for measuring load vibration in a closed control loop. The detection of characteristic geometries is also possible.


As soon as the software module for work areas and obstacles is licensed, several functionalities become available. These functions will effectively enable you to increase the safety of your crane system and workforce significantly.


The navigation module allows the calculation of optimum routes between a dynamic start and destination point in real-time instead of manually saving automatic routes. Trajectories are optimally rounded and parameterized for the crane system.

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Discover all the information about Cranium in our detailed manual. Available for download as PDF and always up-to-date in the online version.

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